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Trust is the most important thing in photography. My work is about people. LOL’s, tears, falling over. Anything goes. Your wedding is an adventure, are you ready? I’m a documentary and alternative wedding photographer in London. Welcome to my world. It’s full of colour, fun, food and joy. I like getting the most out of life. Wedding photography lets me access a whole spectrum of emotions that no other form of photography can replicate. It’s why I consider myself a specialist. People are what interest me. How we live, how we interact and how we love. I love my wife dearly. I cannot string together a sentence that would encompass the overwhelming feelings that I have for her, the connection is what makes life worth living. I know how I am with her and I know what love is to me. Being able to recognise the same connections that other people possess and then photograph it, is a real joy. To photograph somebody’s wedding is an honour and a privilege, the responsibility is something that I cherish. You have entrusted me, Liam Smith, to capture your connection. That’s a big deal for me, but its why I think my work is different. I see the world in a certain way and I photograph people in a certain way, that’s why its important that you not only like my work, but you like me and my philosophy too.


Liam Smith Photography - Liam Smith Photography

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