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Branding and marketing

Branding and marketing for ladypreneurs, crafters, and small businesses.

Do you have your branding and marketing down to a fine art? Does your business allow your personality to shine through and welcome new opportunities? Wait! What is branding and marketing anyway?

If you're now sat here going "no", "errrrm" or pulling a funny face to the questions above, you are not alone! Many small business owners confuse branding and marketing, often mistaking them for the same thing.

So what is the different between branding and marketing? Branding is your business identity and promise to your target audience. Marketing is how to convey your business identity and how to keep your promise to your target audience.

Composing the perfect branding and marketing plan takes knowledge, skill, and a lot of hard work. Here at Dreamix UK, you can: learn about branding and marketing; hire an expert to assist you; or do both!

The choice is entirely yours and gives your business the flexibility a small business needs. To empower you further I offer affordable payment plans on many of my services such as: admin, graphic design, marketing, productivity, social media, and web design.

So grab yourself a cuppa and welcome to the exciting world of branding and marketing; inspiring your business from conception to perfection!

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